Shawn and I talked with a great man of God today over lunch.  He shared the story of his salvation with us with such enthusiasm, one would think that it happened this morning! However, it was forty years ago. Oh to be in a relationship with God for that long and still have the passion of a honeymooner.

The conversation got me thinking about my own story. I had been going to youth group with a girl who would quickly become my best friend, Alisha. I was not opposed to God and believed in Him. I just didn’t know there was anything more than that. We were on a trip out of state and I had been praying for friends at the altar.  I got up and was walking back to my seat when a wonderful woman named Joyce (who would quickly become my mentor) grabbed me by my shoulders and smiled as big as day and asked me if I would like to ask God to forgive me and live for the Lord. Well, I was not going to say no to that.  Who would, right? I easily answered, “Yes.”. I walked with her and knelt as she lead me in a very simple prayer that would alter my life forever.

Fast-forward seventeen years to this morning at church. My husband, who is very sensitive to the Spirit, asked that same question to the congregation with us today. He’s been asking that question a lot lately. Sometimes a fear rises up in me that he’s asking it too much and no one will come forward to commit their life to God and the whole group will be discouraged. (I know, that’s a crazy fear.) But you know what?  Eight people came forward who wanted to see what is on the other side of the door!!

If Joyce hadn’t asked me that question seventeen years ago, I don’t think I would have ended up praying that prayer that night.

It took someone asking.

Who in your life is just waiting for someone to ask them that question?