I’m not sure what worship song it was this past Sunday, but it was really fast and full of energy.  Near the end I looked up at our drummer Justin Cook to see how in the world he was keeping up.  His arms must have been on fire.  At the last beat he glanced up with a huge smile on his face.  He really enjoys what he does.  I love seeing passionate people using their talents for God.  It’s such a blessing.

Then, I thought for a moment about Justin.  On that Sunday alone he would play the drums for two services, run the cameras after worship, we would see the baptism video he compiled and edited and to top it off, our Hot Springs campus would watch the sermon video he put together as well.  He was involved in four different areas in one day.  I love it!

I want to challenge everyone to get involved in your local church.  I promise there is a need somewhere.  Even if it seems like they have enough volunteers…there is always a need.  Don’t just go for the message or for the worship, or because your kids beg you to go…get involved!

Thank you Justin for all you do for the Lord!  We love you!