Thinking on things of the past can often be a bad thing, but tonight it was a very good thing.  Downstairs in Rock City (our children’s church room) our church board met for our monthly meeting.  A huge part of the meeting was dedicated to a praise report.  This is always my favorite part of board meetings.

Ministry can be stressful at times.  There are always lots of decisions to make and they are all important.  The pressure to do the right thing is high.  The best quote of the night came from Stacey.  She thanked the board for being patient with us when we make mistakes.  Ha!  Of course we make mistakes.  We’ve never done this before.  But the truly amazing thing is to see a list of things that happened over the last month that couldn’t have happened without God’s hand on Echo Church.  The best of all on the list is the nineteen people who accepted God’s gift of forgiveness!  It just makes it all worth it!

Here’s the complete list:
We have grown 100 in attendance from the summer months.
192 people saved YTD.
Hot Springs VBS.
We went from 31 volunteers in the children’s department to 64 volunteers.
Canoe trip.
Amanda Nitcher has returned to lead worship at Hot Springs Campus.
Tithe has increased 44% since we started the 90 Day Tithe Challenge.
28 people were baptized this year in Pleasant Hill.
5 Have signed up to be baptized in Hot Springs.
We have gone to two services in Pleasant Hill.
Friends Day
Started building out the offices but have put no money into it.
We are continuing to support Bible translation in the Central Eurasia area.
Received a basketball goal, a beautiful couch and a school bus as donations.