Landon lights the candles for Ashton’s 8th birthday!

Make a wish buddy

Ashton and Ben 10

Our new friend Abbi

Getting ready for the zip line at Shawn’s cousin Robb’s house.

Ashton had to climb the tree all by himself. He was so brave.

Do you think he needs an adjustment?

Ashton and his friend Michael pass out birthday cookies at school.

The Ben 10 Omnitrix cake–yes I’m proud!

Our cute little apartment in Colorado Springs.

Lots of learning going on!

Our bedroom

1st day of school 2008 (Ashton-2nd grade, Landon-Kindergarten)

We enjoyed ice cream after the open house at school.

At home making a farris wheel–yea for a daddy who can build cool toys!

Lanny looking big

The “wall-o-toys”

boys’ room

Our new pet hippo…j/k…our first trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Two sets of brothers

Way up high at the zoo

At this zoo, it’s okay to feed the animals

Landon’s desk at open house