I love it when I come across a great resource that I ACTUALLY use.  The other day while on Pinterest, I came across iMom.com.  I got sucked in by their article of creative discipline…a subject I am always curious about.  They have worksheets, articles, recipes, free printables, movie and music reviews and activity ideas.  I immediately signed up for their daily emails and haven’t been disappointed.  It has an “Espresso Minute” to start your day with and then ends with a “Pillow Talk”.  The Espresso Minute is a quick read on the topics of children or marriage.  The thing I really like about those are they give you practical ideas to put the lessons into action.  The Pillow Talk area has a question or two to ask your kids at night when putting them to bed.  They are great conversation starters to help kids open up when their usual response is, “nothing”.

Check it out…iMom.com

They also have one for dads (I haven’t read anything on here but I’m sure if they recommend it, then it must be good.)…AllProDad.com