There are a couple of devotionals I have emailed to me daily.  One is Wisdom Hunters and the other is Focus on the Family.  One of the things I love about reading them is that sometimes while reading them, my mind wanders to another place.  I think when we devote time to God it opens up the door for Him to talk to us.  God honors the time we devote to Him.  He uses our obedience to speak into our lives!  Most of the time, the lessons from the devotional are what I walk away with, which is great.  But other times, like today, I walk away with something else on my mind.

Today, the reading was about the importance of being a supportive wife.  But the thing I can’t stop thinking about is this…

My kids and husband see me at my best and at my worst.

I just sat there and thought about that for a bit.  Yes, we should be free to be ourselves at home.  But why is it that acquaintances or even strangers get the best and only the best from us?  We are more likely to be courteous when we don’t feel like it when we are in public.  Why don’t we give our families the same courtesy?  Is it really that hard?  I want my family to see me at my best and only my best!