It’s no secret that Shawn and I took a huge pay cut to move to Missouri to start Echo Church.  I’ve heard that most new business owners don’t typically start earning a paycheck for years.  This is not exactly the same situation, but is similar in the fact that if we would have taken a full salary, I’m not sure if Echo Church would be around two years later.  In fact, Shawn has counseled other new start pastors and told them to slash their initial pay.  They said that would be impossible, and now, sadly their church is no more.  {this is not a hard and fast rule for all new start churches, but it was for us}  Well enough about the reasons…lets look at some more tips I’ve learned thus far.

~~  Have I mentioned that we live with another couple?  You don’t have to be a wiz at math to know that this alone cuts living expenses in half.  WARNING–I don’t recommend this to everyone.  God has really protected our families and relationships!  The house has to have two living spaces, because lets face it, no matter how much you like someone, you gotta get away sometimes. Privacy is important and sacred when sharing a home.  So, if you’re in a desperate situation, pray and see if the Lord might lead you to this option.

~~  Rent movies as opposed to going to the theater.  It costs about a million dollars to take a family to the theater after paying $10/ticket and $999,999,960 at the snack bar.  We still go to the theater, but only on special occasions or for very special movies.

~~  We only have one car.  One car to put gas in.  One car to pay insurance for.

~~  Say “no” more than “yes”.  Especially to yourself!  You’re the hardest person to restrict.  Show some self-control in spending!

~~  I use Pinterest for many free/almost free date ideas, or for free/almost free activities with the kids.  I love this resource!!  Here’s a great one for the kids…  Here’s one for the hubby…  Oh, and the monster patch link I posted yesterday was found on Pinterest!

Happy Saving!

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