It’s no secret that Shawn and I took a huge pay cut to move to Missouri to start Echo Church.  I’ve heard that most new business owners don’t typically start earning a paycheck for years.  This is not exactly the same situation, but is similar in the fact that if we would have taken a full salary, I’m not sure if Echo Church would be around two years later.  In fact, Shawn has counseled other new start pastors and told them to slash their initial pay.  They said that would be impossible, and now, sadly their church is no more.  {this is not a hard and fast rule for all new start churches, but it was for us}  Well enough about the reasons…lets look at some more tips I’ve learned thus far.

~~  Get together with a few friends and exchange Halloween costumes.  No kid wants to wear the same costume year after {correction…Landon was Spiderman for THREE solid years}…so most kids don’t want to wear the same costume year after year, so have a costume exchange.  It was fun for Landon to share his old Spiderman costume with a friend’s little brother this past year. Obviously, you can do this with everyday clothes as well.  We have a friend who has three boys much older than mine.  She gives me a bag of clothes every once in a while which is a life saver.  Then, whatever clothes are not hanging by a thread, we pass those on to our nephew!  GO GREEN…haha!

~~  Shopping at local garage sales can save hundreds of dollars a year if not more.  I’m always after boys clothing which is not an easy find as boys tend to wear them out more than girls do. Most of my boys jeans have ginormous holes in each knee. Here’s my plan for that…(link to monster patch!!!)  Since I don’t sew even buttons, I’ll have to employ my crafty friend Stacey.    Our community also has a garage sale group on Facebook.  Search and see if yours does too.  This feels a bit safer to me than Craig’s List too since you can go to the persons Facebook page and see if you have any mutual friends.  (Facebook stalking can saves lives!) It’s an easy way to sell items as well!

~~  One thing I just started doing is grocery rebates.  This is all because I have a friend who is a rebate queen.  She started a club where a couple of friends pay her a few bucks to do all of the leg work {as some require postage} and she gives us new rebates almost weekly.  Some are for $2, some are for $20!  I prefer this much more than couponing (anyone watched the time consuming ways of the Extreme Coupon people on T.V.) as it is much easier for me and less specific.  For example, the rebate may be for salty snacks, or meat…yes it’s that vague…just meat of any kind.  They can be purchased from any store and can be any brand most times.  The best ones are through some type of alcohol company requiring alcohol purchase.  But there is a loop hole in many states, Missouri being one of them, that does not require an alcohol purchase!  Yippee for Missouri!!  The other day, I got $36 dollars in checks in the mail.

Happy Saving!

Look for more tips tomorrow!

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