It’s no secret that Shawn and I took a huge pay cut to move to Missouri to start Echo Church.  I’ve heard that most new business owners don’t typically start earning a paycheck for years.  This is not exactly the same situation, but is similar in the fact that if we would have taken a full salary, I’m not sure if Echo Church would be around two years later.  In fact, Shawn has counseled other new start pastors and told them to slash their initial pay.  They said that would be impossible, and now, sadly their church is no more.  {this is not a hard and fast rule for all new start churches, but it was for us}  Well enough about the reasons…lets look at some tips I’ve learned thus far.

~~  You have to change where you shop and how often.  I shop for most groceries at Aldi where I can get great food (their summer produce is stellar) at a fraction of the cost.  So, I have to bring my own bags and use a quarter to get a cart…totally worth the savings.

~~  A gal can spend a lot of money to look “beautiful”.  I used to pay $15/area for facial waxing.  Now, I do it myself with a Sally Hensen product I got at Wal-Mart {link to Sally Hansen Hair Removal Strips}.  Now, for less than $5.00 I can wax away for a year or more. {less if you have some Chewbacca in your heritage}

~~  DIY hair color saves a ton of money!  I prefer the highlighted look, but that gets crazy expensive and high-maintenence.  I happen to have a friend who’s a professional hair dresser.  She’s able to get me salon quality hair color and I apply it myself.  Total cost $5-10!!

Happy Saving!

Look for more tips tomorrow!