Two days ago, I was in a mad dash to pick up my boys from school…on time.  I left church with time to spare, but found myself on 7 Highway behind a line of about six cars with the lead car driving ten miles below the speed limit. Grrr.  There was not enough road to pass all six cars to freedom, so I waited.  I attempted to do the math on how many minutes I was adding to my drive.  Then, I began to think about influences.  No matter how independent we believe we are, we’re uncontrolably influenced by those around us.  They’re contagious – we’re contagious.  For me, this is most evident when emotions are high, like those days when we’re trying our best to pick our kids up from school on time!  I found myself driving down the road with one of those really considerate drivers following me that insist on testing how close they can ride to my back bumper without touching it.  In moments like these, we can respond by:

1. Driving slower {revealing your controlling side, “how do you like going this speed sucker?”, “you can’t make me go any faster, but I can make you go slower…ahahaha!”}

2. Driving faster {revealing your desire to please others or perhaps fear of making others mad, “okay, okay, I’ll drive faster if you want me to, don’t get in a huffie.”}

3. Setting your cruise control {revealing your focus on the destination over your emotions, “I’m going to make sure I’m driving at an even speed so I don’t have to be bothered by this guy behind me.”}

Do you find yourself trying to constantly teach others a lesson?  Do you abandon who you are to please others?  Or do you have something that is like a cruise control in your life?  Something that is a constant that helps you get to your destination despite the influences around you?

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;”  James 1:19

There is only one who is constant.  There is only one I want to be influenced by.  His name is Jesus.