My interview went very well yesterday and the hiring manager offered me the job as a banquet server at the end! What a relief! I start the week long orientation on Monday (which is paid…what a blessing) followed by training. I get to wear a cool server tux and everything. My body is going to hurt so bad after I get on the floor but I’ll get used to it. I’ll get at least one day off a week. If we are really busy, I can work 6 days a week which will be great for us financially. The best part, I’ll finally get to learn how to set a table:) It will really help Shawn be able to focus on classes and the dreaded homework and papers that he’ll be doing. I’m so proud of him pursuing his education in such an aggressive way! I love you Shawn!

Here’s an aerial picture of the massive, 5 Star, 5 Diamond Broadmoor. It’s right at the base of the mountains!!

Here’s one of the places I’ll serve. That’ll be me:)

Beautiful picture of the Main Ballroom. Wedding receptions and the like are held here. What a great work environment huh?

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