Yesterday we had a youth fundraiser (a youth pastor’s favorite thing in the world to do). This one was actually pretty cool, and easy. A local restaurant, Due Amici, an Italian eatery came to us with an idea and we jumped on it. Yesterday after church the students got to serve the tables and 10% of the sales and all tips went towards youth camp. This also provided some publicity for the fairly new restaurant.
Andy getting the first order.

Tyler helping Andy with the big table. They all did such a great job, especially since they’re all too young yet to have their own jobs.

Haley and Brittney making drinks. (Landon had my phone right before I took this pic and I think his little buttery fingers got on the lens…that’s why it’s so hazy)

With a clean lens…here are the Pastor and some of the board members showing their support. I love that no matter how old you get, there’s always a girl side and a boy side.

Brian and Melissa with their happy server, Kelsea.

About two weeks ago I took the boys to our favorite park in Hot Springs

Ashton and Landon on the rope pyramid. It was such a beautiful day.

Ashton on top of the pyramid…”Hurry Mom, take my picture!”

After playing we went for a hike and their little boy eyes were on the look out for caterpillars. Landon was the first to find one. He loved it and took care of it all day. It even made it all the way home with us and then we had to let it outside so it could eat.

Ashton did finally find one of his own, with his brothers help. They were so excited!

We had such a good time together at the park while Daddy was at a boring meeting. We thought about going and rescuing him, but we didn’t want to get him in trouble.

I love my boys and am so thankful for days like that Saturday. As they get older those days will be harder to find. I’m soaking it all up while I can. I tell them they will always be my babies, and let me tell you, they do not like to hear that. It always makes them laugh though. I am praying that God keeps a hold of them so tight; that He will protect them; be real to them and keep them close to him through the years to come.