I know we are almost into the second month of 2013, but I just found the notebook containing several of my blog ideas.  {oops, better not have so many notebooks around}  One idea I’ve been waiting to do for a while is a list of favorites from 2012.

In no particular order:

1.  Aldi – I can’t believe I haven’t shopped at Aldi my entire life.  What is wrong with me?  It has the best prices, period.  Now, I still have some brands I get from other stores that Aldi doesn’t carry {like Jif peanut butter}.  A big trip to Aldi might cost $60 as opposed to $115 at other stores.  They own Trader Joe’s so I suspect many items are interchangeable, they just don’t have the fancy “Trader Joe’s” logo on them.

2.  Dollar Store – Again, why have I not shopped more at the Dollar Store?  I don’t mess around with this Dollar General business either…I go straight for the place where EVERYTHING is a dollar!  Lots of crafting ideas can be fulfilled here along with cleaners and seasonal items.

3.  Avacados – I have been craving avocados for months.  I just can’t get enough of these little green mushy vegetables I used to turn my nose up to. Now I love them in soups on sandwiches and of corse as guacamole!!  Yumm!

4.  Nutella – Again, something I crave.  Great on toast or spread on crescent rolls and baked!  {Aldi carries it’s version of Nutella…tastes good, but not as creamy}

5.  HUMMUS – Definitely one of my all time new favs that is now a staple in my diet.  I started off dipping chips in any flavor variety.  Now, I prefer it as a dip for carrots.  My favorite flavors are anything jalapeño and roasted red pepper.  If you’ve never had hummus, don’t be afraid to try it.  I describe it as being similar to a flavorful bean dip.  My kids love it too!

6.  Juicing – Shawn and I were going strong making fresh juice for months and have gotten away from it a bit.  It can be a bit time consuming but is soooo good.  My kids beg to have a glass of any kind of juice I make.  I’m not as adventurous as some but I think even being a basic juicer is fabulous.  My favorite…apple, orange, carrot, peach!

7.  Greek Yogurt – I love yogurt but the Greek variety took a bit of getting used to.  But now that I have made the switch, the regular yogurt just tastes like watered down sugar.  Greek yogurt is VERY creamy and more tart than the regular.  I love Chobani with blueberries the best! {um, anyone else notice there is a lot of food on my favs list?}

8.  Gotye – On to music.  When I heard the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” on the radio I was in love!  It was so different than anything else out there.  I went on youtube and found a bunch of his videos about him making his music.  He’s just a very creative dude making art out of everything.  It’s also an album I can listen with my kids in the car and have no worries.

9.  Karmin – Another band I fell in love with instantly.  I went on a Karmin youtube diet one night and was hooked.  I love their story and their music.  I hope they don’t get sucked into the hype of the music industry and remain “cool”.

10.  Pinterest – Rounding off my list is a website that no one knew about a little over a year ago.  I had to get invited to join by my sister and then wait several days to get accepted into the Pinterest community.  I think they just grew faster than expected.  Now, Pinterest is everywhere.  I use it for everything.  One of my favorite uses is for recipes.  I have a virtual cookbook at my disposal and I love it!  It is picture driven which I also love.  We’re about to create a Pinterest account for Echo Church to link pinners everywhere to Pastor Shawn’s sermons!  Exciting times indeed 🙂