Curiosity got the better of me this morning.  I was looking at a group page  on facebook for members of our church.  I scrolled to the bottom and hit “view older posts”.  I kept hitting that button hoping to get to the first post.  Quitting crossed my mind  numerous times because it was taking much longer than expected.  I zoomed into the past year skimming as I went.

I slowed down a bit when I got to last November.  There were a lot of posts about work days and pictures of the progress on our current building on 7 Hwy. in Pleasant Hill.  Those were fun to look at.  Sandy posting what the dinner for the night would be, pictures of car lifts being removed and people just plain excited about what God was doing.

It probably took me 45 minutes to get to the beginning of the thred.  Forty-five minutes I really enjoyed.  Funny, the reason I was on the group page today was because I was trying to think of as many new people as I could to add to the current group.  I came up with 17 friends to add.  If I remember right, Stacey started the group on November 27th with 17 friends.

The beginning was full of comments on everyones excitement for the possibility of starting a new church.  The future of Echo Church was uncertain.  Actually, the church didn’t even have a name at that point.  Everyone rejoiced when the Yagers signed the papers on their new building for their business.  It meant we would have a place to meet from the beginning!

Wow, from meeting in homes to meeting in a 10,000 square foot building. Meeting with 17 people to now meeting with over 300!  God is still on the move!  Looking back has helped me see just how far we’ve come.  I can’t say it enough…”Thank you God for using me!!!”.