It’s a little foolish to post about a book that I’m only half-way through, but if the second half is anything like the first half, then I’m okay. It’s called “Pulling Back the Shades”. ( Take 10 seconds and read the description from the link. The book explains why women of all ages (as young as nine), many nationalities, most religions and different maturity levels are turning to books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and others like it. I always believe the WHY of our actions is as important as the actions themselves.

With one of the scariest movies ever made coming out in only two days, I feel an urgency to share today in hopes of even ONE person reading this book and changing their mind.

PLEASE, don’t see “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
You will not benefit from it.
It will not enrich your life in any way.
In fact, the opposite is most likely true…it will hinder/hurt you in more ways than one.

Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it right. Don’t believe the deception that this is a romantic movie. It’s not a story based on reality. It is a fantasy (make believe) that could never happen in REAL life. Don’t get caught in the snare of believing that this “happy ending” could ever happen to you. It is a lie!

“We need to note that Susan Quilliam, a British relationship psychologist and sex advice columnist, was quoted in an ABC News report, saying, “Fifty Shades has been roundly criticized by the BDSM community and its depiction of the lifestyle is inaccurate. Christian Grey’s initial seduction of Anastasia breaks every rule in the BDSM book.” She goes on to say “the relationship portrayed in the book is exploitive on both sides and therefore emotionally unsafe and not sane.”” –from “Pulling Back the Shades”

Did you hear that? The BDSM community is saying this book/movie has crossed the line of safety and sanity. That is really saying something. These are people who get sexually turned on by either inflicting pain on another or they themselves prefer to be physically hurt than to be in a loving relationship.

Please, friends, find another way to entertain yourself. Get educated before subjecting yourself to something you can’t un-see or un-think. We protect our kids, our spouses, our homes and our jobs. But what about you? You’re WORTH protecting!