March 2008

I’ve Been Bad

It seems that almost everytime I go out of town, Shawn goes to the movies with friends and watches some movie that we’ve BOTH been wanting to see. Then I come back in town, ready to go out with my hubbie and find out that he’s already seen what I’ve been waiting for. He did it with Star Wars (the third one), Lord of the Rings (the first one), Batman Begins, and Spiderman I think.

Well, this week I had to spend a couple of days away from my family. While I was in Missouri, Mom rented I am Legend… a movie we’ve been wanting to see for like a year it seems. I was laughing with Mom telling her that I couldn’t wait to tell Shawn that I got him back. As it turns out, Mom and I got pretty freaked out. I wished I had Shawn to cuddle with to make me feel safe. Serves me right I guess.

We talked and he asked me what I did tonight. I confessed and he headed to RedBox to get the movie. He’s brave to watch that movie all by himself! I bet he’ll wish I was there too!

why my back hurts

Last night I felt as if I were in college again. Only this time, my crazy roommates were my two boys. It was way past their bed time and we were just finishing up baths. They had just slipped into their p.j.s and were showing off their dance moves. Landon has apparently learned a “hippo” dance from school which involves him swishing his hips around and then quickly poking out his bootie for the grand finale. Then Ashton was showing us his moves, which words can not describe. Seizure is the only word that comes close. That’s when it got interesting.

Ashton lye flat on the floor and then started wiggling around trying to do “the worm”. Then Landon tried. I was laughing so hard, I soon found myself on the floor. I flipped and flailed the way no real worm does (unless it got stepped on). I tried and tried and tried. I finally decided that my back was just not flexible enough, but did that stop me…no. I kept trying until I hurt my knee. Shawn just watched shaking his head. Then I challenged him. A smirk found it’s way to his mouth and he hit the floor and showed us his best worm moves too. I’ve decided that the Gray’s are not meant to do the worm.

It took me a couple of hours to figure out why my back was hurting this morning!!