Landon lights the candles for Ashton’s 8th birthday!

Make a wish buddy

Ashton and Ben 10

Our new friend Abbi

Getting ready for the zip line at Shawn’s cousin Robb’s house.

Ashton had to climb the tree all by himself. He was so brave.

Do you think he needs an adjustment?

Ashton and his friend Michael pass out birthday cookies at school.

The Ben 10 Omnitrix cake–yes I’m proud!

Our cute little apartment in Colorado Springs.

Lots of learning going on!

Our bedroom

1st day of school 2008 (Ashton-2nd grade, Landon-Kindergarten)

We enjoyed ice cream after the open house at school.

At home making a farris wheel–yea for a daddy who can build cool toys!

Lanny looking big

The “wall-o-toys”

boys’ room

Our new pet hippo…j/k…our first trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Two sets of brothers

Way up high at the zoo

At this zoo, it’s okay to feed the animals

Landon’s desk at open house

Before I forget

Quick story about Landon. About Easter time last year, Landon decided he wanted his shaggy hair to be cut like his daddy’s. So Shawn buzzed it and Landon has kept it very short since then. The other day, Shawn was trimming Landon’s hair. They called me into the bathroom to see the finished product. I made a big deal about it telling him he looked very handsome. His response was a little shocking. He stuck his lip out and about busted into tears. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Daddy didn’t cut it right, he forgot to cut this part.” He said this while pointing above his forehead. He was talking about Shawn’s receding hairline and about the fact that his hair didn’t look EXACTLY like Shawn’s!! We did our silent parent laughing (as to not embarrass him). Our kids love us, imperfections and all! The scary thing…they want to be just like us, imperfections and all-talk about pressure.

(I promise, pictures are coming…we did buy an adapter for my camera memory thing and will be able to download them when I get some time off:)


My interview went very well yesterday and the hiring manager offered me the job as a banquet server at the end! What a relief! I start the week long orientation on Monday (which is paid…what a blessing) followed by training. I get to wear a cool server tux and everything. My body is going to hurt so bad after I get on the floor but I’ll get used to it. I’ll get at least one day off a week. If we are really busy, I can work 6 days a week which will be great for us financially. The best part, I’ll finally get to learn how to set a table:) It will really help Shawn be able to focus on classes and the dreaded homework and papers that he’ll be doing. I’m so proud of him pursuing his education in such an aggressive way! I love you Shawn!

Here’s an aerial picture of the massive, 5 Star, 5 Diamond Broadmoor. It’s right at the base of the mountains!!

Here’s one of the places I’ll serve. That’ll be me:)

Beautiful picture of the Main Ballroom. Wedding receptions and the like are held here. What a great work environment huh?

For more about the Broadmoor, go to www.broadmoor.com.

ONE of the dumbest things I’ve ever said

I’ve been doing a lot of job hunting. Yesterday I had two interviews which was really nerve racking. Last night I remembered something and I couldn’t wait to tell Shawn. He laughed so hard that I thought maybe I should share it. If you know me, this wouldn’t surprise you at all. The story is short…

I was asked why I would be a good fit at the Broadmoor (a 5 star hotel in Colorado Springs). My response?”I am confident and am very approachable. Well, people tell me I’m approachable. I have never really approached myself so I don’t really know.”

Yep, that’s what I said in an interview! Shawn was rolling on the floor.


Just wanted to put a quick post before getting back to the Olympics (which Shawn and I are watching every minute of). There are two very different jobs on the horizon for me.

Job #1 – MissionsAsst. for Young Life (consists of answering calls from Young Life leaders all over the country and directing them to the right departments…about 300-400 calls a day I hear)

  • pay is okay
  • they pay 100% of benefits from day one
  • will probably get hired easily and am anticipating an interview this week (did testing last week)
  • regular hours 8-5

Job #2 – Banquet Server at The Broadmoor, a local 5 star hotel

  • pay is way better than job #1
  • will get benefits after 90 days
  • am turning my application in tomorrow and will have initial interview at the same time…could get hired quickly
  • crazy hours…nothing regular…will have to work some evenings and weekends…possibility of working a max of 70 hours a week which would ensure Shawn could really focus on his classes b/c he could just work part-time, if at all

So, we are just in prayer about what to do. At this point I will have to take whatever offer I get first. Either one would be great and I know that God is my provider, not these jobs. Hopefully I’ll be hired somewhere this week. Please pray that God gives me peace while he works this out 🙂

Return of the Nomadic Daughter

I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible b/c I hate posting long posts.
My dad used to call me his nomadic daughter because it seemed that every time I talked to him we were moving again. He hasn’t called me that in a long time b/c we’ve been in Hot Springs for 3 years (our longest anywhere). As you can tell by the title of this post, things have changed. I’ll just cut to the chase. Shawn and I decided to move to Colorado Springs, CO so he could attend Nazarene Bible College to finish his education and to knock out his ordination classes at the same time. He’s been taking some online classes and have found they are just not for him. He learns better in a classroom. Owning our first home gave us a little uncertainty as to how quickly we would be able to move. God had a plan for that…we were able to rent it to a friend from church who plans to buy it when her house sells in Little Rock. What a blessing for us and for her. We were sad to say goodbye to all of our awesome friends, but we knew we needed to follow where God was sending us. Believe me, I am no friend to “moving”. I forgot how much I hated packing and unpacking. My friends were amazing at helping us pack. When we got to CO Shawn’s cousin Robb who we found out lives 45 minutes away was here with his new wife Amy to help us unload the truck. What a relief it was to see a familiar face when we arrived. We’ve met several other students and families and have even been able to help another couple move in to the same apartment complex as ours. We went to Springs First Sunday for church. We plan on checking out a few more before deciding what church to call home for the next 3 years. We’re not used to having options as to what church to attend. The church sent us off with a love offering that covered our moving costs but we are desperately searching for jobs. The boys are happy to be here and are anticipating the snow that will come in a few short months. We are finally unpacked and had a “normal” night last night with dinner and relaxing. It was nice. I will post pictures soon of our apartment and view of Pike’s Peak which we can see outside our window. Pray for God to provide just the right jobs and for the boys to have great teachers at their new school!! Love to you all!